1. My email address is not accepted as an account holder or my email has no account.

You have not yet "Created an account" in the new Members' Section. Every member, even those who have been members for years, have to create an account to use the new system. There is a link to do this on the Home page of the Members' Section. 

2. I cannot login, my password is rejected and I cannot reset it.

If you have just set up your account this will be because you have not confirmed your account. Look for an email which says: You have nearly finished your registration with Dinghy Cruising Association. Please confirm your email address in order to log in and access your new account. Check your spam folder.

3. My account is locked.

Contact the website editor to get it unlocked.

4. I want to change my email address.

Follow these steps:

  • Login to the Members’ Section and go to My account.
  • Click on the Personal details box and add your new email address, making it the primary one if you are replacing your old one.
  • Use the side menu to switch to the Account section where you will see your old email address. Delete it and replace it with your new one. Leave the new password boxes blank, unless you wish to change your password, and insert your current password before clicking Save. 
  • Log out and login with your new email address.
  • Click on DCA Forum in the top menu. After a few seconds the Forum should load and you can proceed as before. Do not edit your email address in the Forum settings, that will be updated automatically.
The DCA is an unincorporated association whose purpose is to promote the activity of dinghy cruising.
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